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Sub-Zero + Wolf
Sub-Zero + Wolf
251 Brompton Road
United Kingdom

Tel: 0845 250 0010
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Areas of work:

  1. Kitchen products
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Sub-Zero + Wolf

Wolf Dual Fuel, Gas Ranges and Gas Rangetops

Wolf Dual Fuel, Gas Ranges and Gas RangetopsDual Fuel

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Wolf dual fuel ranges offer a variety of top configurations and standard dual stacked surface burners. The optional steel griddle plate and infrared charbroiler give you the freedom to customize your dual fuel range. The large electric oven features the Wolf exclusive dual convection system that delivers even temperature and airflow throughout.

Wolf has perfected the form, function and sheer durability of stainless steel gas ranges offering a a variety of standard features inlcuding infrared oven broiler, infrared griddle, convection baking, dual brass surface burners and our signature large red control knobs.

Wolf's Gas Rangetop features dual-stacked sealed burners which are patented to Wolf and take gas cooking to the next level. Designed to help cooking connoisseurs achieve truly professional results, the dual-stacked burners offer unbeatable temperature control with both high and low settings catering for different cooking requirements. The upper tier of the dual-stacked burner provides a maximum heat setting which is perfect for quick heating, high temperature cooking and searing, whilst the low setting offers a more subtle heat for simmering food such as soup, or melting butter and chocolate with ease.

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